Officer's Quarters 158, 159, & 160, summer 2006
Officer's Quarters
Photo by Mark Gustafson

This Place Matters

No matter what skills you have we're looking for help and ideas to move this project forward. Saving Fort Snelling is going to take a tremendous amount of effort. I'm not going to sugar coat it; we're looking at thousands of hours and hundreds of millions of dollars. Although the task looks daunting, it's easily broken down into tasks that we can build on.

Together we can do it!

Here's the short list of projects we're working on.
  • A new web site built in Joomla
  • Then and now photos of Fort Snelling (complete)
  • A You Tube video we can link on This Place Matters
  • Writing a grant proposal so we can hire a fundraiser to kick off our capital campaign
  • Document the balance of the buildings we haven't photographed yet (complete)
  • Collect stories of past Fort Snelling residents and soldiers
  • RSS feeds
  • New tour book of the upper post (complete)
  • Podcast tour of Fort Snelling (in progress)
Skills Needed
Here are some of the specific skills we're looking for.
  • Web design skills to create an RSS feed and flash content
  • Oral historian to collect resident's stories
  • Videographers
  • Architect to lead tours and talk about the building's style and structure

To sign up just send an email to me, Todd Hintz. You can find my address on the home page.