MP talking with boy, ca 1925
Fort Snelling streetcar about 1925
From the Minnesota Historical Society

Resources about Fort Snelling and its Preservation


Google Earth map labeling the buildings in Fort Snelling.
You'll need to install Google Earth to view the file, which you can download for free here.

Microsoft's Virtual Earth map of Fort Snelling detailing the location of all the buildings.
You'll need to download and install the program to view the map, which you can get here.

I'll add maps to this next page as I get the opportunity to scan them in.

Web resources:

Flickr photo group of Fort Snelling
Minnesota Historical Society's collection of Fort Snelling photos
Minnesota Historical Society's article about Fort Snelling
Minnesota Historical Society's article about Fort Snelling's role in WWII
Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
National Trust for Historical Preservation
Friends of Fort Snelling
Photos of Urban explorers digging through the bowels of Fort Snelling
And an urban explorers film available from Netflix
Library of Congress photos of Fort Snelling. They mostly cover buildings that have been torn down.
National Park Service's history of Fort Snelling.
Carrie Hatler's blog on tidbits of history around Minnesota, including the upper post.


Minnesota Public radio article on the Upper Post
WCCO TV's article about efforts to mothball the post.
June 2007 Star Tribune article on the mothball initiative.
July 2007 Pioneer Press article on the upper post photo exhibit and efforts to redevelop the site.
July 2007 Hennepin County article on grant acquisition.
February 2008 MPR article on the fort.
July 2008 opinion piece on the fort.
July 2008 Star Tribune article on the fort.
July 2008 Star Tribune video on the fort.
July 2008 WCCO article on the fort.
July 2008 KSTP article on the fort.
July 2008 Pioneer Press article on the fort.
September 2008 The Boy Scouts buy the cavalry drill house.
September 2008 Star Tribune article about the Boy Scout purchase and plans.
November 2008 MinnPost article from a former resident of the upper post.
May 2009 Star Tribune article about the latest post progress.
July 2009 article about the Boy Scout's plans for the cavalry drill house.
September 2009 Shoreview Press article about Mark Gustafson's efforts to photograph the upper post.
March 2010 Finance & Commerce article about the bonding bill's allocation for the upper post.
June 2010 Star Tribune opinion piece about the upper post.
June 2010 And another Star Tribune article detailing the post's latest progress.
June 2010 A Fox9 News debate about the past, future, and meaning of Fort Snelling.
August 2010 WCCO article on the Boy Scout's remodeling of the drill house.
Undated Hennepin County update on upper post progress.
October 2010 Star Tribune article on the Boy Scout's remodeling of the cavalry drill house.
October 2010 Pioneer press article on the same.
September 2010 article from the Villager about the drill house. And page two is here. If the text is too small to read, as it can be for some of us (ahem) older folk, CTRL + will increase the font size in your browser. CTRL - will decrease it when you're done.
November 2010 Star Tribune article about turning the upper post into an athletic village.
February 2011 article in the Minnesota Preservationist, the magazine of the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.
May 2011 article in < a href="">Finance & Commerce detailing the latest progress.
August 2011 article on MPR.
September 2011 Hennepin County article on our efforts to get a Partners in Preservation grant.
November 2011 Pioneer Press article on redevelopment of the VA portion of the upper post.
November 2011 Fox news article abouth the same.
March 2013 Star Tribune article abouth the VA's project to create stables into homes for homeless vets.
May 2015 A brief Fox 9 News article about move-in day for veterans.


Fort Snelling Reuse Study -- Note that these are large PDF files and the entire study is about 200 pages.

"Fort Snelling in World War II, a Self-Guided Walking & Driving Tour of the Fort Snelling Military Reservation" by Steve Osman. Available at the Minnesota Historical Society and Fort Snelling gift shops for $3.50.

Note: No longer in print as of spring, 2011.

Presentations from the December 2006 meeting sponsored by Hennepin County.

May 2007: Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation grant awarded to Hennepin County. The grant will be used to develop guidelines for open space preservation at the post.

March 2008: The rough draft of the study is done and the final copy should be ready this summer. The study will cover

  • Site lines, both existing and historical
  • Landscaping recommendations
  • New construction site recommendations
  • New construction building types and restrictions

July 2008: And here is the completed study.

April 2010: Study of the post's west (warehouse & stable) district.

February, 2011: Light rail master plan for the upper post.

April, 2011:

A Fort Snelling tour book covering the WWII years. Text by the former director of Fort Snelling, Stephen Osman. Photos by Matt Flueger, who took the then and now photos on this site.

Books can be bought at the Fort Snelling Visitors' Center, the Fort Snelling State Park Visitors' Center, the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, and the Camp Ripley Museum in Little Falls, Minnesota. Suggested retail price is $7.00. Or if you spot me at an event you can buy them from me for $6.00.

September, 2011 update: The book is sold out unless you can find one at your local museum gift shop. The Friends of Fort Snelling plans to do a second printing this winter.

October, 2011 update: We've produced a second printing of the tour book and have already sold about 10% of the print run. As long as you keep buying them we'll keep printing them!

December, 2012 update: Book is in its third printing and is still selling well.

August, 2015 update: I think we're into out fifth printing at this point. There have been too many to keep track of.

Summer, 2015 Friends of Fort Snelling Newsletter: Parking the newsletter here so it's easy to access.

"Half Past Midnight," a photography exhibit by Mark Gustafson. Mark has photographed many of the buildings on the Upper Post and has choosen a dozen of the best for a traveling art exhibit.

Click here for additional details.

"Foundlore," an exhibit by Matt Flueger. Matt has produced many of the then and now photos on this site.

Click here for additional details.

Politicians need encouragement to do the right thing and positive feedback when they do. Towards that end, here are a few letters you can send to politicians whose districts cover Fort Snelling. These are based on letters made available to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Two of their letters are for a Senator and Congressman who are no longer in office and on one they forgot to update the salutation after they made the template. So here's an updated list thanking the incumbents for their past support and encouraging all of them to help in any way they can.

U.S. Senator Al Franken
U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
U.S. Representative Keith Ellison
Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin

Peter McLaughlin especially has been instrumental in bringing the interested parties together and has worked hard to light a fire under this project. More than anyone else he deserves to be lauded for his efforts.

How To Get Involved:
What can you do to help? Click here for details.

Upper Post Tours:

2016 Tour Schedule

Have you ever driven to the airport and wondered what those old buildings are above the highway? Here's your chance to get the story and history behind the old bold brick beauties! Join our costumed guides as they regale you with tales of army life from a hundred years ago, the state of the buildings today, as well efforts to restore them to their former glory.

Meeting place: The headquarters building (clock tower) across from the ball fields. If you go to the historic fort, you've gone to the wrong place!

Tour will take about 1 to 2 hours. Walking tours will cover officers' row, the barracks, administrative buildings, and drill fields along Taylor Avenue. Biking tours will cover officers' row, the barracks, administrative buildings, and drill fields along Taylor Avenue, the warehouse & stables district along Bloomington Road, as well as a little Whiskey at the end.

Don't have a bike? No problem! Nice Ride has bikes for rent at the Historic Fort Snelling kiosk.

Tours are free to all.

  • May 29: Walking tour
  • June 12: Biking tour
  • July 3: Murder mystery tour
  • August 14: Walking tour

Or if you would like a private tour, feel free to contact me. I occasionally do tours for groups and veterans who want to visit their old station.